The Morphine Made Her Forget She Had Already Given Birth — LOL!

Anyone who’s been through a surgery or wisdom tooth extraction knows that anesthesia is a wonderful thing, if only because it keeps us feeling good even when we’re in tons of pain.

With those good vibes, though, come some downright loopy moments…like this one.

Tisha was dosed with morphine after she gave birth, and one of the hilarious side effects was that she forgot she had experienced child birth at all! Her husband James, a U.S. Marine, just tries to keep it together while he patiently explains what’s happened.

At one point, the baby even gets rolled into the room and she doesn’t recognize him! This video is long, but it’s worth every minute.

Their kiddo is going to laugh about this when he’s old enough to see it. SHARE this with the all the moms you know!

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