This Guy Was Just Driving His Tractor When He Spotted This Black Magic…

Science is crazy — crazy cool. Almost cool enough to make us believe, some days, that magic is real.

Not that it is (we don’t think), but weird science has been known to convince people otherwise. Crop circles? There’s a scientific explanation. UFO spottings? Probably weather phenomena. And, after all, clouds do look like animals sometimes, right? But sometimes science is so mysterious, so bizarre, that we briefly suspend our perception of reality and allow ourselves to be transported to a different kind of world.

Take for example, this dust devil spotted in rural England earlier this month. Just think — we actually live in a realm where it looks like a wizard is trying to open a portal to another world…using hay.

(via Gizmodo)

Sadly, though, it’s just science at work here. Dust devils form when hot air rises up through a small pocket of cooler air. It’s pretty much just a harmless mini-tornado…still pretty cool.

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